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Ripe Old Mango

Gosh! 20 years old, already!!? Hard to say that 20 years have passed by … Anyway, the day was a crazy “hullaballoo”; since it was my cousin’s wedding the next day. After receiving hundreds of birthday calls, I left for my uncle’s house and spent most of the day there engaged wedding activities.

This caused me to get home late and find that there was a power failure in the area, and delayed my “Mango” OS re-master. After the power came on I found that I couldn’t create an ISO since the the compressed file system alone came to 694MB. Anyway, I was really late for the mango party at “The Linux Center” (for the release of Mango OS and my birthday) as well, so I wrote the compressed file system BZ2 onto a CD and caught an auto rickshaw to the “Center”.

When I got there, I found that some people had left earlier (party had started at 4.30 p.m. I arrived at 8.00 p.m.); but, there was still quite a crowd left.

As I entered, I was greeted by many; and then everyone sang “HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!” in chorus. After that I gave everyone the “GRUB” that I had brought (not GNU GRUB, but short-eats :P). I also had some of the famous “Metta Cocktail” (brewed regularly, with an unpredictable recipe by one of the center members) and some mango (the fruit :P).

After that I hurriedly tried to create the ISO which miserably failed. I then let it be, and stared in awe at Sanjaya’s PowerBook G4. I also mingled with the other guests and spoke to some of them. unfortunately for me most of them had to leave. One by one they were all gone until Suchetha, Ruwan, Anuradha.D, Mauran and myself were the only ones left.

We were preparing to leave, when it started to rain. So we decided to order some pizza. While we were waiting we saw that the canal nearby had overflown; and it was impossible to leave (unless by boat!) thus we decided to stay and finish the Mango OS re-master. While we were re-mastering it the pizza arrived. After gobbling up the pizza slices Ruwan and I forged on with the re-master, while Anuradha and Suchetha started looking at their dream laptops, and Mauran chatted with his (cough) friend, in his own locale, using SCIM on a beta version of Mango OS.

We finished at around 1.30 a.m. in the morning the next day. Anyway we did some crazy (babyish?) stuff while we were there, pretending to be a train by using our wheeled-chairs, etc. It was fun! I feel very grateful towards the guys for this wonderful party. Thanks guys!!!

Note: For another perspective on this event visit Bud’s blog.

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