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Luggers Night Out

After having a crazy weeked, and seeing Harshula’s mail on the list, I decided to attend the dinner for lklug-gers. It started raining, just after I got out of my front door; so I had to stand in the rain at the bus halt.

After getting to the venue I found Suchetha waiting at the entrance to show us to our seats. Plenty of well known faces were there; including the three Anuradhas (Ratnaweera, Weeraman & Dasun), Kosala, Sanjaya and Harshula. Some others turned up later including Bhuddhika and Kanchana.

We ordered a decent splendid dinner and cleaned our plates up (literally!). It was a welcome change for my palette, since I had only visited the venue only once before. Comments, stories and of course geek-talk was exchanged during dinner; and after it, until 10.00 p.m.

During dinner ideas to (hopefully) start a “lklug-floss-magazine”, and quickly put out a copy of “Mango OS” were put forward. Then we left, for home.

Quite a change from the regular hyperactive lklug activities, this opportunity to relax and socialise was very welcome.

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