Ãrunan Skanthan

The Dear Departed

After long postponement, we got around to moving the final bits-and-pieces ( several tables and racks) out of our previous location.

When I got there, I found that the expected lorry hadn’t arrived, so we had to run around the city to find one to transport the furniture (which proved a really hard task; especially since it was a Sunday afternoon).

After loading the lorry with furniture, we dumped the rest of the stuff in Suchetha’s van, and left for “The Linux Center”. There we unloaded the stuff, after the lorry crashed into several walls (and bent a rack…); while trying to get into the narrow lane of the “center”.

I hadn’t done any lifting (or any other strenuous physical activity…) for a while; so even though I was the youngest, I was more of an obstruction, than help (especially since my tummy kept getting in the way! :-D)

We will surely miss our earlier location, but the new one has a more homely feel… hopefully it will grow from strength to strength…

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