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Night In Rivendale

Last night I journeyed to Rivendale, to relax; after long, hard toiling to create “Mango OS”. We (Suchetha, Ruwan and I) set off from “The Linux Center”, at around 3.00 p.m. After picking up some edibles we reached Rivendale at 4.00 p.m.

As soon as we reached there and put our bags away, we went down to the lake. The lake was still and calm, and “Furby” one of Suchetha’s dogs, decided to go for a paddle there. Even though we would have liked to do the same, we were content to watch, and listen to the gentle noise of water rippling on to the edges of the lake.

After we got back from the river we sat down on the lawn, and Suchetha and Ruwan played with the dogs. All of them seemed to like Ruwan’s voice and kept jumping on top of him; thus he sat down on the (one and only) bench. Then somebody (I wonder who… ;-D) sat down next to him on the bench, and broke it… oops!

We were wondering if more than five people are would turn up, and playing “Trivial Pursuit”, when people started showing up. First Kosala and his wife; then Sanjiwa, Deependra, Viraj, Bhuddika and Chamil. We went out, carrying Viraj’s guitar, and sat down on mats on the lawn.

Then Anuradha.D turned up and started to play songs, of which most people only new the first lines so those came to an abrupt halt. Then out came the beer and the party was officially started. Soon (Doc)Nandalal showed up with his wife and Suchetha’s parents also joined us. I gave hints at several songs, after which we were in full swing.

“Cathy” (another of Suchetha’s dogs) decided that she decided to join us and be a “party-dog”. Soon (at 11.30 p.m.) we had dinner. The most of us (except for the family people, who left) went out and lied down on the mats under the stars and started talking (mostly geek talk and attempted astronomy…); soon the sounds of snoring could be heard… ;-).

After lying there for a while, we decided to go to our rooms, and cosy beds. I was in a room with Bud (Bhuddhika) and we spent most o the time discussing distros (as usual). I soon dozed of, but Bud couldn’t; since the “air force” (mosquitos) were attacking him (I hardly felt them…) and he was fiddling with his PSP.

I woke up to find Bud saying bye to me, he had to leave early since he had to go to work. Then I went out and woke all the others up. We had our morning tea and went down to the lake again and took some pictures. After having a smashing breakfast and doing some nature photography, we thanked our kind hosts and left. It felt like I was leaving a place where time had stopped, and asked for permission to return again… which I will most probably. We should do this most often.

Enjoyable it was!!!

Note: For another perspective on this event visit Dassa’s blog.

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