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Code or Install?

After deciding that we needed to promote The Linux Center further, we decided to have an “installfest”; and Suchetha announced it on the lk-lug list. Then (Doc) Nandalal suggested a remaster/codefest as well… so I stuck in my request for help with Mango OS. This was follwed by a mail-based-chat; between doc and me…

After several lengthy replies I went to bed; and turned up on time the next day… :-o

Anyway doc showed off OIO; and also found out that the puppy he had brought was damn-small. Soon others (Bud, Kosala, Anuradha.W and Janith) showed up, and were assigned tasks… to enhance Mango OS (“mhuhaahaahaa”). Later others turned up with machines to get GNU/Linux installed on them.

We got quite a lot of work done (w.r.t Mango OS)…

  • Cleaned up the installer and post install.
  • Tested WiFi support.
  • Added and tested bluetooth support.
  • Added new KDE window decorations.
  • Forced some Mango OS (5.0.7) installs… though most of ‘em liked it after install… :-o

Next we did several installfest-installs… not many turned up for that sadly.

At about 4.00 p.m. people (coders) started to leave. Then the others (installfest guests) left as well; and Anuradha.D showed up with Kunchana… and I decided to stay since it was late and had no transport back home. We watched “Battle Royale”, and stayed till 5.00 a.m. the next day.

Not a bad day, at least not for Mango OS… :-D

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