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Recently Suchetha suggested (is he the only one with ideas? :-o) that we need to have a “…tradition of meeting somewhere on a semi regular basis…”; and everyone agreed :-o. So after going through our options we decided that EXCEL World was a good option. Everyone was asked to bring their favourite gadgets, so I decided to take my “Weerodara” Notebook (a real notebook, to take notes in, buhaahaaha, :-D) along…

I turned up with a new hairstyle (clean shave… tehehehe) and knocked the socks off most present ;-). People started turning up at around 6.00 p.m. and more showed up later… almost everyone had a notebook (Thinkpads galore…). Suchetha showed that his WiFi was up, proving that Excel World hadn’t closed it after the opening it up for the previous week >:-D; and every one got a hackin at their machines to get them online…

Soon they were all online, with the exception of Anuradha.D, who’s WiFi card seemed to be messed up. Try as he may he couldn’t get the WiFi up, so he blamed it on his WiFi card and let it be… After that everyone decided to celebrate by having tea(!!?) so we left for the coffee (ironic huh?) shop…

Everyone had there favourite type of tea, while Mauran and I sat down to chat, on one of the comfy couches; since we hadn’t seen each other for a long time.After that we went back; and ound out that more people had arrived, including Harsha and Pradeeper, Dilini and their Kid. Everyone wanted to meet the gnu-generation of lklug ;-) . And everyone proved that they could be a good a parent, as they were a geek… ;-D

Too bad my camera batteries died and i could only take 3 pictures. Anyway Bud and I went upto one of the fast-food places (Malaysian!? Mexican!?) and we got ourselves “Chillie Chicken Enchilladas”… oooh they were delicious! Not to mention we shared one meal between us and still felt full… :-o

After the meal we spent some time, trying to find our houses using google earth… :-D; and listened to Suchetha singing localised English songs… (Hilarious ;-D ). Anyway it was a great night… though nobody got drunk even though everyone planned to… Another relaxing evening with the LUG; maybe we will do this more often!?


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