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Becoming a "Commoner"

As we were leaving FOSS-ed for Hackers, Suchetha told us (Bud and me) that the ICTA here decided to host an event with Prof. Lawrence Lessig speaking to musicians, actors, writers, etc. regarding Creative Commons. Since we had already witnessed a fantastic lecture for geeks, we decided to tag along with Suchetha to listen to this talk as well; as he had to drop of the Dharmavahini video crew at the “Galadari” where the event was taking place.

Unfortunately Suchetha being a hasty type of guy… ;-) forgot to confirm the location, and we first drove to “TransAsia” where Prof. Lessig was staying; when the camera crew told us Such had heard wrong! :-o So we headed to Galadari. We finally got there and found that the parking lot was full… so after a lot of hassle we finally handed the van to a valet. After that we got ourselves registered and enter the hall, to find out that we had made it on time! :-o

After a few introductory speeches by the ICTA and sponsors (SLT), Prof. Lessig was handed the mike… and though we expected a similar lecture to the previous one; it wasn’t!!! It was “way” different… with lots more images and media. After an hour long trance of his speech we had “cultural events” by local artists who played instruments (local drums) and sang (lip synced ;-D ). Well anyway, after that the day closed with tea… it’s very nice to know that more people will be adopting Creative Commons soon!

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