Ãrunan Skanthan

Lost in th wilderness...!

My uncle and aunt recommended that I try to find my way to uni, so I set off the next day with a map and a bus pass (for zone1) and some cash, “just in case”. I was supposed to catch 3 buses to get there.

The first bus ride went fine. Just a short ride to the next stop. Got down, saw the next bus I had to catch… and ran to the halt to catch it. As soon as I got on the bus, I found that the zone 1 ticket wasn’t valid and I had to get another ticket; then “luckily” the bus was also going in the wrong direction! And I found myself getting down at Monash University, not to be found on my map.(Yepee doodle doo?)

After standing at the halt for 10mins and taking a breather, I started walking towards the junction. Found some friendly people who pointed me the way back to “square one”. And then set off again. This time I caught the correct bus and ended up in uni.

Took a look at the uni, and also the buidling where I had to go next day for orientation.

Caught the bus home, and walked the last bit… ;-D to be on the safe side!

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