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Tu-mul-tuo-us Two Twenty Two

“Eh, what gibberish?” you say. You are right; partially…

I started blogging seriously two years ago, on this very same date. Wow, that must mean I’m twenty two! OMG!! It’s been over a year since I blogged!!? Oh well, I guess I’ll make up for it by increasing the frequency of my blogs… ;)

Why haven’t I been blogging? No internet access from home, university, work, fun, laziness take your pick. Change was necessary, but I’m back, with a few twists. I’m going to not only post about geeky or amusing events; but add rants and reminiscence, and while I’m at it, I’ll throw in poetry to the mix as well.

How was the past year? In one word? Tumultuous.

Am I wiser for it? If knowing what mistakes not to make, makes you wise; then I am!

What happened? A lot! Studies, work, friends, barbeque’s, fights, boo boos, visits to the hospital, parties, fights, loneliness, depression, long walks at midnight, weight loss, fights, weight gain, xenophobia, making ups, laziness, regrets, motivation, sport and fun.

I’m too lazy to put all of it down in detail. Plus as Mettavihari said, “You can’t open your heart in a blog. It’s what it’s there for, but it’s the one place you can’t”. I’ll try to put this to test, only time can tell though.

The year’s been a blast though, even though I have a few regrets, I wouldn’t have found out the things I know now if it weren’t for the ‘issues’ that cropped up; thanks to a few souls who’ve held my hand while I was weeping, babysat me while I as mucking about in my own poo, and given me a good kick in the groin when I needed it. Couldn’t have done it without them! Wow, you tend to notice the good things you have when things don’t go too well, aye? Friends, I’m lucky to have them, that’s all I can say!

Change is necessary. I don’t believe in fate, but I do in change; thus I’ve changed. “For better or for worse?” you ask, well I don’t really know, nor do I care. I happy being who I am. The core still remains the same, I’m a xenophobe after all!

Hehe, lets see what the next year has in store…

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