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Once upon a weekend

I had nothing much to do this weekend; so when the INcredible asked me, I agreed to attending Multifaith Multicultural Youth Forum by the Victorian Government. It was a nice change from the regular weekends which generally consist of oversleeping and running around to try to get things done; or trying to organise some event or the other.

Woke up later than intended (as usual) and ended up running to catch public transport last minute. After the usual bus and train ride to the city, we met up at Flinder’s. Since INcredible had been there for an hour already, and surveyed the route, we were able to comfortably walk there. The architecture of the building was lovely, so yeah, I spent part of the day there staring at the ceiling and the walls.

The MC was really funny and kept the ball rolling smoothly (we later on discovered that he was from the same university as us, and further pestering showed us that the reason we had never seen him was because he was an off-campus student). After a few talk sessions, our group was taken to the council chambers. Whilst my contribution to the discussion wasn’t much; I did get to see through other’s eyes and learn a little more about other cultures.

The food whilst not excellent wasn’t too bad. During lunch break we went for a walk (INcredible people can’t stand fusion music apparently :P) with our new friend Rachel. I do say the city’s better on weekends; more relaxed and calm. Plus the weather was excellent!!!

There were a few more talks and events. And the day concluded without too many glitches. As usual I left my jacket behind and had to go fetch it! Caught the train home. Lots of anecdotes were exchanged; what a relief it is to be able to converse in one’s native tongue!

Quite a nice day. Oh yeah, and I was handed a copy of “The Kite Runner”; looks promising.

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